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The administration of NIT Warangal is yet to take corrective action over serious shortcomings and irregularities highlighted by CAG in its audit report submitted this September on Performance of NIsT from the period 2005 to 2010. The response of the administration to this report remains to be seen.

It is observed that the administration is busy in playing a blame game with the Non teaching staff rather than exploring ways to overcome the shortcomings in the smooth functioning of the institute. Most issues raised by Team Asthra were pointed to the ‘inefficiency and shortage of Non Teaching staff’. But the findings of CAG (Comptroller and Auditor General) tell a different story.  The CAG report says there were an excess of 13.3 percent Non-Teaching staff (477 Non teaching staff are employed over 421 as per norms).

It looks like the non implementation of RTI act in letter and spirit can be attributed to lack of interest in the administration about tranparency and accountability in its working. The CAG report observes that massive works worth 6.23 crores were carried out during the years 2008-09 and 2009-10 without obtaining recommendations of Building and Works Committee (BWC), that is responsible for  all major construction works after obtaining the necessary administrative approval and sanction of expenditure from Board of Governors (BOGs). This points to a serious procedural lapse and abuse of power that can lead to corruption.

The NIT Warangal administration also seems to be taking in more students than approved. The report observed that 20 students in Electronics and Communication Engineering, 2 students in Mechanical Engineering and 2 students in Chemical Engineering were admitted in excess and against the norms (The administration did not provide data for Civil Engineering and Computer science courses).

The biggest shortcoming and a matter of great concern for NIT Warangal is the non-accreditation of undergraduate Biotechnology course and 16 other post graduate courses by National Board of Accreditation(NBA). Many local engineering colleges in Hyderabad have a A+ star rating for their Biotechnology course from the NBA.

While faculty shortage of 209 members is a major issue, in-house training for the current faculty also did not take place for the last 5 years. Interestingly NIT Warangal which boasts of placements is not the best among the NIsT when the average (B.Tech + M.Tech) of the placements is taken. Also the institute does not have sufficient number of computers and there is a shortage of 196 computers which would cater needs of 784 students.

The only parameter on which NIT Warangal stood ahead of other NIsT was the hostel facility however poor class room facilities and lack of 38 lecture halls (Lecture Hall and Class room are different) continue to haunt.

There is urgent need for revitalizing academics at NIT Warangal. Transparency and Accountability in the governance should be given the utmost priority in this time of crisis. The task of turning this around lies upon the senate which is responsible for the maintenance of standards of instruction, education and examination in the Institute and the vision of the Director who shall ride the chariot.


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