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We received a reply to our RTI filed on NIT Director’s selection criteria. This was the second RTI which we filed on this line and our previous RTI too was the similar one. The second RTI had to be filed as the second appeal filed with the CIC is yet to come for hearing. The link to the information received from ministry has been attached in the below link and is also available in “Our Work” tab of this blog.


We sought various information related to the Director’s selection, right from applications received for the advertisement to file noting of various meetings held in the due process for selection. The reply received from ministry indicates that there was a purposeful delay and illegitimate use of various sections of RTI to provide the information sought within time.

1. The first paragraph of the reply contradicts ministry’s own statement on “Third party” and provides all contact information in a neatly tabulated sheet when we have asked for the copies of the application filed. The ministry makes a baseless statement, “due to tremendous pressure of work, it has not been possible for the NIT division to seek the opinion for furnishing copies of their personal details/applications.” The statement itself is inherent in its character for non compliance of the act and the double talk of the ministry. If the personal details form “Third party” data, why did the CPIO furnish all personal details in a separately prepared document and send it. Didn’t the CPIO know that he had to contact all the 147 applicants before disclosing their personal details? When all the personal contact information related to applicant was provided, how is it that the rest of information provided by applicant in the application a third party information? The sanity levels of CPIO need to be questioned?

2. The names of persons who applied for the post have been given under personal details and recommendations were highlighted along with the name who proposed them.

3. The list of committee members is also given. The interesting point to be noted is that the Directors of Institutes which are on par with few NIT’s are involved in selecting the directors and it is like ,” You select my friend I will select yours”.

4. The biggest flaw in the selection process comes here. No evaluation is done in short listing the 46 candidates from 147 applicants in first round and final short listing after interview.

5. The committee has listed 4 points for selection criteria and has relaxed norms to include few poodles in the final list who recently completed their terms at NIT’s.

6. The ministry refuses to disclose the vital information related to selection process quoting that the selection process has not yet been completed.

All these dilatory tactics are to pave roads for the corrupt to these premier institutes.  Over time ministry might forget about the selection process but Team Asthra would take up this issue again and again till all the details are disclosed and it is convinced that the selection process was a fair one. Professors, Academicians and volunteers who like to get associated with us on this issue please mail us at asthra@live.com

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