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A whopping 55 lakhs was spent for purchase of medicines at NIT Warangal dispensary for the last 3 years. This exuberant figure came into light in one of the RTI’s filed by Mundhuadugu-A RTI initiative Eenadu (Telugu news daily). NIT  Warangal dispensary caters to the needs of the faculty, non-teaching and students of the institute. The dispensary runs with 1 medical officer and 3 doctors. The medicines at the dispensary are purchased from the contractor and are given for free to the members on the prescription of doctors. While dispersing the medicines to the patients a note of the medicines distributed is recorded in the register.

Records show that Rs.16 lakhs was spent for 2436 students treated at the dispensary. While Rs.18 Lakhs was spent for treating 6094 students in 2009,Rs.21 lakhs was spent for 6365 students treated for the year 2010.

Interestingly the records show that in the last 3 years only 6 professors have been treated at NIT Warangal and it has come to notice that faculty is receiving medicines for the prescription taken from outside the NIT Dispensary. A figure of Rs.10 Lakh per annum can be added to the above figures if one takes non-teaching staff  into consideration.

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