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Dear CPIO and APIO’s of NIT Warangal,

It has been more than 6 years that RTI has come into force.Even today RTI implementation at NIT Warangal is given the least preference.We at Team Asthra have always been in forefront in the issue of implementation of RTI and preparation of RTI manuals,at your offices from last 2 years .We have written dozens of letters and emails.

Lack of awareness about RTI act itself among the CPIO and APIO’s show how committed NIT Warangal is towards RTI implementation.Its is not for once but for many times we have come across the table to negotiate and emphasise the importance of RTI implmentation at NIT Warangal.We gave all the volunteer help(4 in number) and prepared a 5 page document for you even though it was not our job.Our concern for maladministration at NIT Warangal has made us knock your doors regularly.We did even stress on how useful is RTI manual in governance of NIT Warangal for smooth functioning and ease of work.

All our efforts, pursuance and withdrawal from a protest in month of August 2011 has only made us go more worried.

6 years and still not even a single RTI session for administrative officers of NIT Warangal has been conducted.The administration has been successful only in beating around the bush when it has come to implementation of RTI act. We have been facing and bearing all the insult at your offices for our fundamental right, Right to Information. We are afraid on what message you want to send across to people of this country by not being transparent and carrying out various process of administration within the four walls.

Had the institute put sincere effort as the Director did in performing Chandiyagam to drive away evil spirits we would have not written this email to you today.

We have no other option other than launching an online campaign from February 8th 2012 to wake you up.

With Concern,

Rakesh Dubbudu & Rajendra Lingam
(For Team Asthra)
Ph.No. 9885419012; 9885789908

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