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We met this guy named Maladri. He is a coolie and hails from Kollurupadu Village, Ulvapadu Mandalam, Prakasam District. We happened to meet him at one of the rallies in support of Jan Lokpal Bill. He has 2 sisters and he is the only son for his father. His land was garbed by one of the fellow villagers when he migrated for work to Hyderabad during off season (Usually they leave the land barren for 6 months after the crop and during this period they migrate to other places for coolie work).

When he comes back from Hyderabad he is astonished to find other fellow villager cultivating his only piece of land owned by them. The fellow being from a weaker section couldn’t fight with him one on one and had to make rounds around government offices to know if his land been sold by his father without his cognizance. All his attempts to reach the government officials ended in futile and even had to stomach the insults by the government officials. What more can be a greatest insult to this feeble guy when he was questioned by official if he was actually born to his father (Tears started flowing from his eyes…).

He comes to know about RTI act and gives a shot with one the RTI activists about his problem. He helps him out in filing RTI application. Less than 45 days or so he gets all his related documents which show that his father is owner of the land and has not been sold to anyone in recent past.

All that costed him was 25 rupees for the speed post and he gets information at his door step. All his hardship and pains in making rounds around government offices for the last one year vanish for a moment and has a very broad smile today.

That’s the power of RTI.


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The Technozion-X accounts are now available with Team Asthra.The accounts have been obtained using RTI act owing to non submission of accounts on request of Students’ Council of NITW.This shows how reluctant the team is towards transparency which brags of high success.As Asthra is not an advisory body we would like to leave it to the students and Students’ Council of NIT Warangal to comment more on the accounts and expenditure.If students request to make an analysis we would love to do it and give a better picture of accounts.Though we have asked for detailed accounts the faculty advisor didn’t disclose them.Hereby,we request the Technozion-X team to disclose the full details of the accounts and show that you pave path for transparency and stand as role model to others.Click the below link to see  the partially disclosed accounts which gives an overview.


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For Asthra website(www.theasthra.org),we are right now displaying images which are taken from few newspapers and edited to suit our requirements.However this is not a good practice and we want to come up with our own set of images to be displayed on website.Team Asthra invites individuals,groups,men and women to give ideas on how the images should be.Concepts,creativity & thoughts are required.Asthra volunteers who are interested would take up the task of painting.Paintings can also be mailed to Asthra at asthra@live.com.Below is an example for a concept:

1.A man would be carrying a RTI application and he would be walking on a carpet to an open world with him showing walking towards a door.On the other side of door we can show children studying.The tag line reads towards a transparent and corruption free education system.

Remember,our theme is,’we fight against corruption and strive to achieve transparency using right to information act as tool’ and our tagline reads,” towards a transparent and corruption free education system”.

Come on ! What more you are waiting for,start thinking…..Sky is your limit.

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Central Information Commissioner Satyananda Mishra has written to the Planning Commission suggesting that all future contracts entered into by the government with a private firm under the Public Private Partnership (PPP) arrangement should be in the public domain and brought under the Right to Information Act.

At present, the Act doesn’t refer to PPP contracts.

Saying that big-ticket infrastructure projects are mostly via the PPP route and involve “substantial amount of money,” Mishra has, in a recent letter addressed to Planning Commission Deputy Chairman Montek Singh Ahluwalia, suggested that at the stage of proposal, the PPP agreement should be published on the Ministry or department’s website.

He urged the Plan panel to consider that a PPP entity should be deemed to be a public authority for the purpose of RTI Act.

A public authority, as defined under Section 2(h) of the RTI Act includes a non-governmental body only if it is substantially financed by the Central government. Mishra uses this argument to make his case saying that in all projects handed over to a PPP entity for building, operating or maintaining, “the land, if not any other resources, given by the government forms a vital component of the project and to that extent, can by deemed to be substantial financing.”

Courtesy : http://www.indianexpress.com/news/Bring-PPP-under-RTI–CIC-tells-Plan-panel/757016/

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RTI GYAN Article 7

We have forgotten a point with respect to help provided by PIO to the applicant.

Will PIO provide any help to the applicant for filing an RTI?

Yes! If a person is unable to make a request in writing, he may seek the help of the Public Information Officer to write his application and the Public Information Officer should render him reasonable assistance.

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RTI GYAN Article 6

Having known what is first appeal and what a first appellate authority is supposed to do,let us now move to next level i.e.second appeal?

What is second appeal?

If the appellate authority i.e.FAA fails to pass an order on the appeal within the prescribed period or if the appellant is not satisfied with the order of the first appellate authority, he may prefer a second appeal with the Informational Commission within ninety days from the date on which the decision should have bee made by the first appellate authority or was actually received by the appellant. The appeal made to the  Informational Commission should contain the following information:-

  1. Name and address of the appellant;
  2. Name and address of the Public Information Officer against the decision of whom the appeal is preferred;
  3. Particulars of the order including number, if any, against which the appeal is preferred;
  4. Brief facts leading to the appeal;
  5. If the appeal is preferred against deemed refusal, particulars of the application including number and date and name and address of the Public Information Officer to whom the application was made; Prayer or relief sought;
  6. Grounds for prayer or relief;
  7. Verification by the appellant; and
  8. Any other information, which the Commission may deem necessary for deciding the appeal.

The appeal made to the Informational Commission should be accompanied by the following documents:

  1. Self-attested copies of the order or documents against which appeal is made;
  2. Copies of the documents relied upon by the appellant and referred to in the appeal; and
  3. An index of the documents referred to in the appeal.

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