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While awarding MESS CONTRACTS Director Prof.T.S.Rao introduced a new system called BASE RATE.

For the first time in 2013, the Director introduced this system at NIT Warangal. The base rate was fixed by the Director as Rs. 78/- without involving the Chief Warden or Wardens. Since some of the tenderers quoted less than the base rate, their financial bids were rejected. Only one caterer (Sai Krupa Catering and maintenance services, Hyderabad) quoted exactly Rs. 78/- . As the other caterers, who quoted above to this rate denied to provide the services to this rate, the tenders were recalled.

During the same time Subramanyam, working at Hostel Office and Clerk for the ladies hostel, with the consent of the Director contacted the other two caterers Sri Raja Rajeswari Catering Services, Chennai and Sakthi Kitchen, Chennai (who provided catering services at IFC) before opening of the technical bids at Kalam guest House of NIT Warangal and got a deal for Rs. 50 lakhs kickback from all the three caterers for revealing the base rate to them. The three caterers quoted the daily rate exactly same as the base rate fixed by the Director and got the tender for the year 2013. The payment transactions between caterers and subramanayam took place in the Manager room (Sai Krupa Caterer) in the Ladies Hostel in the nights between 9.00PM to 11.00PM.

With this success and taste of bribes, again for the year 2014, the same three caterers (even though the other caterers quoted less daily rate) got the tender by quoting the daily rate as Rs. 90.01, Rs, 90.02 and Rs. 90.03 which was very near to the base rate of Rs. 90/- fixed by the Director. This time Subramanyam with the
consent of the Director made an agreement of Rs. 10/- per student per day for revealing the base rate. He and the Director got a kickback of Rs.1 crore (Rs. 10 x 3500 students x 10 months). Subramanyam collected the money in cash from the Caterers on instalment basis.

The speculating thing is that an enquiry was made on the tendering process at NIT Nagpur, when the difference between the base rate and rate quoted by the caterers of Rs. 1/- . Even though the difference between the base rate and rate quoted by the caterers is 1paise, 2 paise and 3 paise no enquiry was conducted at NIT Warangal against the Director.

For the year 2015-16 also, the Director and his mischief-maker (Subramanyam) implemented the same technique and thought of getting a kickback of Rs. 1.5 crore from the caterers. Unfortunately the tenders were cancelled and new procedure was introduced after Board of Governors intervention or Chief Warden intervention. They (The Director, Subramanyam and the three caterers) thought that the previous Chief Warden was responsible for cancelling the tenders, made him victim and sacked him. On the suggestion of the Director and Subramanynam, the three caterers wrote letter to the Director that making the base rate public and fixing it as Rs 86/- is illogical and unfair.

Finally the financial bids were opened and the daily rate for 2015-15 was finalized as Rs. 81.70/-.

It is interesting that one of the previous three caterers, Sai Krupa Caterers, Hyderabad got the tender. This caterer is the most dangerous culprit. He contacted the caterers from Hyderabad, conducted several meeting at NIT Guest house and convinced them to be part for the bribes to the Director with the help of Subramanyam, if the tender was awarded to them. All the caterers from Hyderabad including the previous three caterers quoted Rs. 81.70/- which is Rs 8.30/- less than the previous years base rate. The surprising thing is that the caterer from Nagpur who benefitted the Director at VNIT Nagpur got the tender.

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Dear Students,

We are really sorry for disturbing you at this Nth hour of the semester. But it is imperative to bring this very important issue forward which effects our lives. The MHRD ministry through vide advertisement number F.No.34 -8/2015 – TS.III has called for appointment of new Director to NITW. It is our duty, if not responsibility, as a stake holder of NIT Warangal to place records on table and seek justice for all of us.

NIT Warangal has been bleeding for the last 10 years due to corruption by the Director’s. First it was the previous Director Prof.Y.V.Rao and now by our alumnus cum Director Prof.T.S.Rao. It is not a secret among the administration that Mr. & Mrs.T.S.Rao have made NIT Warangal as their family fiefdom.

May be it is in our fate that we need to suffer due to inaction of other stake holders of this institute, namely, the Faculty, the Students Council and NIT Warangal Alumni Association. Hence it is high time that we, Asthra, open up in public and see through that the efforts of Asthra to bar appoint of Prof. T.S.Rao further as Director of NIT Warangal or any other NIT do not go in vain.

Way back in 2010 the students have played a pivotal role in ousting the then corrupt Director Prof.Y.V.Rao. The collective efforts of students, faculty and non-teaching staff resonated in the power corridors of MHRD and led to few systematic changes in governance of NITs. Such was the power of collective effort and anger against corruption from NIT Warangal.

Therefore, we at Asthra solicit your support to bring an end to this ongoing maladministration and corruption at NIT Warangal. With Asthra’s efforts we bring to your notice the list of corruption at NIT Warangal by Mr. & Mrs. T.S.Rao.

Also, following the complaints of corruption and mal administration at NITW a preliminary enquiry committee constitution was called by the previous Chairman of NITW Dr.Krishna Ella. Till date the enquiry committee has not seen light and we have learnt that the current Director is seeking another 5 year term as NITW Director.

The following is the list of cases of corruption by Mr. & Mrs. T.S.Rao:

S.No. Item Remark Reference
1. International food court(IFC) & Ladies Hostel Mess Last year Director received kickbacks of Rs.4 to 10 every day from each student enrolled in IFC. Base price of tender was Rs.77 but tenders were awarded at Rs. 90.05 and Rs.90.09 Annexure
2. Old Messes No accounts and procurement practices are followed at Hostel office. As a result huge commissions are made from purchases by Director and his henchmen at Hostel office. As a result students continue to pay inflated bills even today. Annexure 
3. Drinking water a. Repeated water purifying equipment’s worth crores were purchased in spite of knowing the fact that ground water at NITW is of very high turbidity and regular water purifiers do not work.

b. Just to receive kickbacks from contractor supplying drinking water work on municipal water supply to NIT Hostels and Messes has been stopped. Lakhs of rupees are paid from student pocket to contractor every month.

4. Land Purchases by Director With kickbacks received in the college Director has purchased 2.89 acres land at Podalkur Mandal, Nellore,A.P and 30 acres land at Jangaon, Telangana. Annexure
5. Chit funds To escape Income Tax scrutiny money received as bribes is being deposited in the form of chits runs run by small firms in Warangal
6. Tenders Works worth crores are willfully split into pieces worth below Rs.50 Lakh so that works can be given on nomination basis. Thus paving way for nexus among Director and contractor and easier collection of bribes
7. Vardhaman Security Director received bribes by inflating number of security persons employed by the contractor
7. Administrative posts Administrative posts are auctioned by Director with the help of his henchmen to receive bribes. Promotions and assignments are given to those faculty who are yes men of Director.
8. Visit by MHRD minister Mrs.Smriti Irani 2 crores was the amount that the Director spent on the visit by the Minister
9. Chandiyagam Chandiyagam was performed, February 2012, on the name of god just to receive donations (kickbacks) from contractors.
10. Royal Enfield Motorcycles 5 Royal Enfield’s have been distributed by the Director keep the Student leaders as yes men of administration.


The above list is not exhaustive. The corruption done by Prof.T.S.Rao needs an in detailed inquiry as ingenuine ways which are difficult to visualize were employed to siphon money. There is an opinion that the Director Prof.T.S.Rao himself has made 15 to 20 crore from these kickbacks. Heance enquiry committee is need of the hour as ordered by previous Chairman.

Few might ask, why do not we approach courts if our allegations are true? Yes! We would approach the court if Prof.T.S.Rao is reappointed as Director of any NIT. But before that this campaign has to bring pressure on Ministry. We need to wait for Ministry’s stand.

We do have our vested interests in running this campaign. As alumnus of NIT Warangal our careers take an effect when MHRD ranks NIT Warangal at number 28(NIT Warangal was ranked No.7 (All India) and 1st among NITs in 2006 by IDC-Dataquest-Nasscom). Alumni at starting of their careers will be seen with skepticism by the industry. The esteem associated with NITW brand is lowered. Students’ placements get affected. Faculty recruitment takes effect and the cream might not prefer NITW as a place to teach and do research. Tomorrow, who knows, MHRD might tie funds with performance in NIRF(National Institutional Ranking Framework). In short every stake holder of NIT Warangal is effected by the corrupt and maladministration of current Director Prof.T.S.Rao. There is very danger of NITW being ranked at number 50 in the next round of NIRF.

If you believe in what we have presented please sign our petition on change.org. If you do not believe, we request, you at least not to take side of corrupt Director Prof.T.S.Rao.

Lastly we request you not to fall in trap to the words of few Students’ council leaders who themselves are shareholders in this malaise. Also beware of Professors who rob the institute with fake ‘chai ka paisa’ bills.

Our talent and hard work do not deserve these scums!

Help us by signing our petition to Smriti Irani at https://goo.gl/BknT37

With Pain,

Asthra (Association for Transparency and Accountability)


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A whopping 55 lakhs was spent for purchase of medicines at NIT Warangal dispensary for the last 3 years. This exuberant figure came into light in one of the RTI’s filed by Mundhuadugu-A RTI initiative Eenadu (Telugu news daily). NIT  Warangal dispensary caters to the needs of the faculty, non-teaching and students of the institute. The dispensary runs with 1 medical officer and 3 doctors. The medicines at the dispensary are purchased from the contractor and are given for free to the members on the prescription of doctors. While dispersing the medicines to the patients a note of the medicines distributed is recorded in the register.

Records show that Rs.16 lakhs was spent for 2436 students treated at the dispensary. While Rs.18 Lakhs was spent for treating 6094 students in 2009,Rs.21 lakhs was spent for 6365 students treated for the year 2010.

Interestingly the records show that in the last 3 years only 6 professors have been treated at NIT Warangal and it has come to notice that faculty is receiving medicines for the prescription taken from outside the NIT Dispensary. A figure of Rs.10 Lakh per annum can be added to the above figures if one takes non-teaching staff  into consideration.

Dispensary RTI

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Three professors of IIT Kharagpur colluded in a Rs. 28.7 Crore scam under the pretext of developing a software named COALNET for Coal India Ltd.Till date no action has been taken on them in spite of letter from CBI to Director of IIT KGP to levy major penalty against two of the professors and minor penalty against the third professor.

All the 3 professors continue to enjoy privileges at IIT Kharagpur with one of them being promoted to the post of Dean.

Please sign on the petition at the below link to support the cause


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The administration of NIT Warangal is yet to take corrective action over serious shortcomings and irregularities highlighted by CAG in its audit report submitted this September on Performance of NIsT from the period 2005 to 2010. The response of the administration to this report remains to be seen.

It is observed that the administration is busy in playing a blame game with the Non teaching staff rather than exploring ways to overcome the shortcomings in the smooth functioning of the institute. Most issues raised by Team Asthra were pointed to the ‘inefficiency and shortage of Non Teaching staff’. But the findings of CAG (Comptroller and Auditor General) tell a different story.  The CAG report says there were an excess of 13.3 percent Non-Teaching staff (477 Non teaching staff are employed over 421 as per norms).

It looks like the non implementation of RTI act in letter and spirit can be attributed to lack of interest in the administration about tranparency and accountability in its working. The CAG report observes that massive works worth 6.23 crores were carried out during the years 2008-09 and 2009-10 without obtaining recommendations of Building and Works Committee (BWC), that is responsible for  all major construction works after obtaining the necessary administrative approval and sanction of expenditure from Board of Governors (BOGs). This points to a serious procedural lapse and abuse of power that can lead to corruption.

The NIT Warangal administration also seems to be taking in more students than approved. The report observed that 20 students in Electronics and Communication Engineering, 2 students in Mechanical Engineering and 2 students in Chemical Engineering were admitted in excess and against the norms (The administration did not provide data for Civil Engineering and Computer science courses).

The biggest shortcoming and a matter of great concern for NIT Warangal is the non-accreditation of undergraduate Biotechnology course and 16 other post graduate courses by National Board of Accreditation(NBA). Many local engineering colleges in Hyderabad have a A+ star rating for their Biotechnology course from the NBA.

While faculty shortage of 209 members is a major issue, in-house training for the current faculty also did not take place for the last 5 years. Interestingly NIT Warangal which boasts of placements is not the best among the NIsT when the average (B.Tech + M.Tech) of the placements is taken. Also the institute does not have sufficient number of computers and there is a shortage of 196 computers which would cater needs of 784 students.

The only parameter on which NIT Warangal stood ahead of other NIsT was the hostel facility however poor class room facilities and lack of 38 lecture halls (Lecture Hall and Class room are different) continue to haunt.

There is urgent need for revitalizing academics at NIT Warangal. Transparency and Accountability in the governance should be given the utmost priority in this time of crisis. The task of turning this around lies upon the senate which is responsible for the maintenance of standards of instruction, education and examination in the Institute and the vision of the Director who shall ride the chariot.


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We received a reply to our RTI filed on NIT Director’s selection criteria. This was the second RTI which we filed on this line and our previous RTI too was the similar one. The second RTI had to be filed as the second appeal filed with the CIC is yet to come for hearing. The link to the information received from ministry has been attached in the below link and is also available in “Our Work” tab of this blog.


We sought various information related to the Director’s selection, right from applications received for the advertisement to file noting of various meetings held in the due process for selection. The reply received from ministry indicates that there was a purposeful delay and illegitimate use of various sections of RTI to provide the information sought within time.

1. The first paragraph of the reply contradicts ministry’s own statement on “Third party” and provides all contact information in a neatly tabulated sheet when we have asked for the copies of the application filed. The ministry makes a baseless statement, “due to tremendous pressure of work, it has not been possible for the NIT division to seek the opinion for furnishing copies of their personal details/applications.” The statement itself is inherent in its character for non compliance of the act and the double talk of the ministry. If the personal details form “Third party” data, why did the CPIO furnish all personal details in a separately prepared document and send it. Didn’t the CPIO know that he had to contact all the 147 applicants before disclosing their personal details? When all the personal contact information related to applicant was provided, how is it that the rest of information provided by applicant in the application a third party information? The sanity levels of CPIO need to be questioned?

2. The names of persons who applied for the post have been given under personal details and recommendations were highlighted along with the name who proposed them.

3. The list of committee members is also given. The interesting point to be noted is that the Directors of Institutes which are on par with few NIT’s are involved in selecting the directors and it is like ,” You select my friend I will select yours”.

4. The biggest flaw in the selection process comes here. No evaluation is done in short listing the 46 candidates from 147 applicants in first round and final short listing after interview.

5. The committee has listed 4 points for selection criteria and has relaxed norms to include few poodles in the final list who recently completed their terms at NIT’s.

6. The ministry refuses to disclose the vital information related to selection process quoting that the selection process has not yet been completed.

All these dilatory tactics are to pave roads for the corrupt to these premier institutes.  Over time ministry might forget about the selection process but Team Asthra would take up this issue again and again till all the details are disclosed and it is convinced that the selection process was a fair one. Professors, Academicians and volunteers who like to get associated with us on this issue please mail us at asthra@live.com

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National  Institute of Technology, Durgapur, One of the premier institutions of the country set up in 1965 with a great vision to promote a healthy academic and cultural environment. The motto of this institute:”udhyog purushasya lakshanam” is facing an identity crisis not just at the hands of the administration but also by the students.

As in many other colleges, this college too has an elected student body, Student Gymkhana. The gymkhana primarily comprises of:



General Secretary (Signatory)

Asst General Secretary (Cultural)

Asst General Secretary (Sports)

The gymkhana acts as a bridge between the administration and the students. Any student-related activity in the college is supervised or assisted by the gymkhana. Further, it is the sole body which conducts the national level cultural fest, Recstacy, of the college.

Now, the question arises. To whom is this student gymkhana answerable to? The Administration? The students?

As it so happens, all dealings regarding this body are vague. Nothing is transparent. Nothing seems to be accounted for by the administration. It is a body completely managed by the students. And, as in any other body with ample paisa and power, this one too is wrought with corruption. The lamentable part is that corruption over here is at the hands of the future citizens, the youth and not some grubby slimy politician.

Whatever has been stated above is not just hearsay. It is backed by tangible evidence. When we filed an RTI demanding the bills of the cultural fest Recstacy 2011, we were amazed and shocked at the four-lined laid back reply.

The authorities had clearly mentioned that they do not have any accounts of the expenditure incurred during the fest and that it managed solely by the students.

Further, there is reason to believe that the previous gymkhana body has made a “Profit” of  lakhs just from the one fest. The gymkhana had also been allotted lakhs to organize Fresher’s party on behalf of the college for the first year B.Tech and PG students last year. Suspiciously, the event never took place. What was even more suspicious was the fact that some members of the student body were spotted flaunting flashy new bikes. They were also spotted scooting off to tourist destinations and indulging in various pleasures disproportionate to a student’s budget.

Moreover even the budgets of all the clubs and other student related activities are finalized by Student’s Gymkhana. So there is no knowing what goes on behind the scenes during the process of fund-allotment. There is no fool-proof and established system to keep a tab on the activities. And this is not it. The Gymkhana is known to have demanded a certain sum of money from the various clubs to ensure the smooth functioning of their fests and other activities. And when the clubs refused, they were denied many basic necessities for carrying out their events(as stated by some students of NIT Durgapur).

This was just the story of Student Gymkhana. In addition to it, the college has 14 clubs. All of these clubs are allotted funds at the start of each academic year proportional to its scale of activities. At the end of each year, how much of these funds have been effectively utilized and how much has vanished into thin air is another burning question. Plus, there are 10 hostels in the campus, each of which has a hall-secretary and a few mess-secretaries. Even they have the power to acquire funds from the college to take up some restorative activities in the hostel. These funds too are unaccounted for.

The objective of the article is not to crucify the wrong-doers (who in this case are the ‘Yuva’) but to make them answerable. The future of these students is invaluable. It can not be jeopardized by an inefficient and opaque system which has become something of a heirloom passed on from one batch to the next. The minds of these youngsters can not and must not be corrupted at such a precious age and such a precious institution. If there is no conscience, there should at least rise a fear in the minds of the students that they are accountable to someone. They are answerable to someone. There is a law which is not some silly college rule and is not meant to be broken, but to be respected, feared and abided by! What we want is to clean up this slime, finish off the pests at the roots before it manifests itself into that venomous monster crippling the entire system of the country. What we want is what the entire nation wanted when one man Anna Hazare spoke up.What we want is justice. What we want is a new and shining India!

Below is what we got in response to the RTI filed.

Link: Reply

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